Hoge Ecosystem On Chain

Get to know some of the projects that Hoge Association is currently supporting!

Hoge finance

Status: ongoing

Brand new revamp website made by our community!

Link: https://hogefinance.com

Hoge DAO

Status: ongoing

Establishment of the DAO. Website, voting system and more are built.

Link: https://hogeassociation.org

Hoge NFT mint

Status: Done

Project leaded by Hogeman that let people mint their own NFT.

Link: https://www.hogemint.com/items/

Hoge faucet

Status: ongoing

This site will let you earn Hoge token.

Link: https://faucet.hoge.finance


Hoge swap

Status: ongoing

Protocol to swap HOGE with other token on blockchain.

Link: coming soon!

Hoge NFT marketplace

Status: ongoing

Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.

Link: coming soon!