Hoge Brand - Guide

About this guide

The purpose of this guide is to make your project’s submission process clearer.

Hoge Brand

  • All uses of the Hoge brand are implicitly permitted except in away that is illegal in the jurisdiction the brand is operated.
  • The user of the Hoge brand will be responsible for, and bear any liability arising from, their usage of the Hoge brand.
  • The Hoge brand can not be trademarked anywhere else.
  • The Hoge brand cannot be used to launch another token.

Role of Hoge Association

  • Holds the brand and trademark
  • Enters into partnership agreements with companies and legal entities
  • Can provide fundraising advice and assist in coordinating community fundraising
  • Coordinates (some) cross platform announcements for Hoge official projects, proposal or partnerships. All activities requiring community funding will be present with full details and will require community approval (except NDA projects or privately funded projects).
  • Present the Hoge ecosystem roadmap and be responsible to execute and grow Hoge ecosystem.

Hoge Partnerships

  • The Association will promote and support only the approved partnerships and will receive a percentage from the revenues made to be used for Hoge ecosystem.
  • Marketing and Promotion via Hoge communication channels: Hoge Websites, PR, Email newsletter, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Using the Brand

All Joint Ventures using Hoge brand and generating revenue will have to sign an agreement with Hoge Association. Any items within the exclusion list will not be considered and also topics with regulatory requirements will need Legal opinion.


We encourage proposals to be done through https://nation.hoge.finance


The proposer with be responsible to Implement and execute the proposal with the initial terms and conditions presented. For any violations on using Hoge Brand the agreement will be terminated.