The First Hoge Association Blog.

It's coming !!!

Greetings Hoge Associationx,

For the past 5 months, Hoge has undergone many transitions in terms of structure.

In the first month, our community banded together to build on the Hoge token.

In the second month, we attempted a more conventional corporate structure with a smaller team taking the initiative to act on behalf of the community in negotiations.

In the third month, we created the Swiss Association with the idea of forming a Hybrid-DAO that would be better suited to represent the wider Hoge community.

In the fourth and fifth months, we explored different ideas, suggestions and models on how Hoge could become a fully functional community-driven token prioritizing a DAO voting mechanism/membership system and expanding the Hoge Association ecosystem.

Given this is a community effort I would like to thank all Hoge community members who have participated so far in this process.