HOGE DAO Roadmap


Download our PDF roadmap.


Q1 2022
Future Plans

HOGE DAO Phase 2 and Phase 3 expected to be completed in Q1 2022. Regular updates to be provided.

Establishment Continues

HOGE DAO roadmap execution in progress.

August 2021
Hoge Association Moving Forward

Hoge Association new website presenting the HOGE Ecosystem and an  improved Community Governance transition to a DAO.

HOGE DAO Phase 2 Update

the Governance transition to a DAO proposal voted by the community. New mandate for the Leadership team presented to execute the roadmap. Link to Hoge Nation Forum.

June 2021
Hoge Transition

Full transition from former CEO to a Community Project run by a CORE team. Legal team appointed. Link to Hoge Nation Forum.

First Step To A DAO

Hoge Project Unite to identify and unify Hoge Clusters of interest and build working units to develop the project as a first step to a DAO. Link to Hoge Nation Forum.

May 2021
Hoge Association Established

Corporate structure dissolved. Hoge DAO Hybrid concept is explored. Link to Hoge Nation Forum.

April 2021
Hoge Corporate Structure

Members of the community have started to structure themselves and take initiatives. Link to Hoge Nation Forum.

March 2021
Community Members Establish A New Team

A corporate structure is established.

HOGE's Initial Developers Abandon Project

Leaving smart contract and socials in the hand of the community.

February 2021
Hoge Finance Established

HOGE is first minted on February 7, 2021.